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Germless cooper antibacterial disc

Concerning Germless and the Coronavirus pandemic

*Disclaimer – A study done in Germany on copper infused cloth showed kill of coronaviruses. A report by IFL Science references a report by Dr. Sarah Warnes, (a leading researcher on bacteria and viruses) of the University of South Hampton, which shows that copper kills coronaviruses including SARS and MERS.
Because we do not have access to the actual COVID-19 coronavirus cells, we cannot make a 100% claim that it will kill this specific virus, however, we do feel that from research and the manner in which copper kills bacteria and viruses Germless will be effective in killing it.*

The world is undergoing a very difficult situation at the moment and the main intention of our company is to limit the spread of current COVID-19 outbreak and many other bacteria and virus initiated diseases. Copper works, otherwise we at team Germless wouldn’t be wasting our own time and means to create this product.

At this point the most common question asked to us is weather copper and our products are effective against coronaviruses and the answer is yes, copper is effective against coronaviruses. Effective so much that in a recent study by US health organizations, copper was shown to be more effective than any other surface tested at killing the HCoV-19 coronavirus. This study indicated that “No viable virus could be measured after 4 hours on copper for HCoV-19 and 8 hours for SARS-CoV-1.”

This is called “steady state” testing – the liquid carrying the virus is simply resting on the copper in laboratory conditions, but if we talk about real-life and the effectiveness of our products, then rubbing is the keyword. Rubbing EonDisc in your hands quickens the germ-killing process and leaves ions of copper on your hands, that will continue killing microbes and viruses’ minutes after the rubbing process has been finished. That is why your hands give off a hint of copper after rubbing – it’s the ions killing off germs and viruses.

If you simply placed EonDisc in your palm and held it in place, it would take much longer to kill the virus. The agitation of the copper rubbing against your skin is fundamental to succeed in quickening this process. Rubbing triggers copper ions to be much more active and kill the bacteria evenly trough out your hands. The copper ion punctures the outer membrane of the virus and its ability to live. When the membrane is punctured, the virus dies very quickly and most likely, during the rolling and rubbing of EonDisc in your hands, each microbe may get hit by more than one copper ion which accelerates hand sanitization.

(Aerosol and surface stability of HCoV-19 (SARS-CoV-2) compared to SARS-CoV-1.pdf)


A different recent study adds to the knowledge gained in 2015 by Sarah L. Warnes, Zoë R. Little, and C. William Keevil, Centre for Biological Sciences, University of Southampton, UK. They demonstrated that copper deactivated coronaviruses in 20 minutes or less when the coronaviruses were applied in droplet form at typical room conditions. When the coronaviruses were applied in a simulated finger touch contamination, the coronaviruses were inactivated in 3 minutes or less on copper (the researchers did not report testing at 1 or 2 minutes). As reported in the US study above, the viruses survived for days on other common surfaces (stainless steel, glass, tile, plastics). Inactivation on dry copper was most effective in this testing.

(Human Coronavirus 229E Remains Infectious on Common Touch 2015.pdf)